Gisela. Oil on Canvas. 30x40cms. COMMISSION

Amanda and Bella. Oil on Board 28x20cms. COMMISSION

Commission via the Catto Gallery, Hampstead. The Oliver Family. Oil on Canvas 36"x24".

Ray Cooney in Rehearsal. Oil on Canvas. Finalist in the Garrick Milne Prize for Theatrical Portraiture. Exhibited at Christie's. Collection of Ray Cooney. 36"x24"

Ewart James Walters in Timon of Athens, RSC

Self-Portrait as the Duke of Cornwall, Shakespeare's Globe. Oil on Canvas.

Gabriel. Oil on Canvas. 18x13cms. NFS

Willow. Oil on Canvas. 18x13cms. NFS

Phil Sarson as Trotter in The Mousetrap. Dressing room oil sketch. 7"x5".