Theatre Credits

MR. PARAVICINI, The Mousetrap, Vienna's English Theatre, dir. Philip Dart

VICTOR VELASCO, Barefoot in the Park, Vienna's English Theatre, dir. Philip Dart

HENRY I, Matilda the Empress, Reading Between The Lines, dir. Hal Chambers

BAPTISTA, The Taming of The Shrew, Shakespeare's Globe, dir. Jacqueline Defferay

GUS, Nobody's Perfect, Talking Scarlet, dir. John Hester

MR PARAVICINI, The Mousetrap (No1 UK Tour), Mousetrap Productions, dir. Ian Watt Smith

MR PARAVICINI, The Mousetrap ( West End), Mousetrap Productions, dir. Geoff Bullen

HIGH PRIEST, Oedipus, Edinburgh Festival, dir. Steven Berkoff

IVOR FISH, Rough Crossing, English Theatre Vienna, dir. Philip Dart

PHILIP WILDER, A Capital Affair, English Theatre Vienna, dir. Roger Forbes

CHARLOT, We'll Always Have Paris, Mill at Sonning, dir. Joanna Read

ROLF, Lottie's War, Greenwich Playhouse, dir. Giuliano Crispini

MAURICE, A Night in Provence, The Mill at Sonning, dir. Ian Masters

GILBERT BODLEY, Not Now Darling, The Mill At Sonning, dir. Ron Aldridge

THE PRINCE, Romeo And Juliet, Manchester Royal Exchange, dir. Jacob Murray

COLLEY CIBBER, Calculus, Hampstead New End Theatre, dir. Andy Jordan

MILLER, The Trumpet Major, Bridewell, dir. Michael Fry

THE PILOT, San Diego, Glasgow Tron Theatre, dirs. David Greig/Marisa Zanotti

DRAYCOTT HARRIS, The Mating Game, The Mill At Sonning, dir. Leslie Lawton

SIR EDWARD RAMSEY, The King And I, West End Productions UK No.1 Tour, dir. Chris Pickles

CORNWALL, King Lear, Globe Theatre, dir. Barry Kyle

TREFRY, Oroonoko, Royal Shakespeare Company, dir. Greg Doran

As You Like It/A Mad World My Masters, Red Company-Globe Theatre, dirs. Lucy Bailey/Sue Lefton

HROTHGAR, Beowulf, ESC, dir. Michael Bogdanov

JUSTIN, One Good Turn, Theatre of Comedy, dir. Ray Cooney

DR MIKE CONNELLY, It Runs In The Family, Theatre of Comedy, dir. Ray Cooney

RONNIE, Out of Order, Theatre of Comedy, Ray Cooney

GREENE/ BLUNT/ HASTINGS/ GOWER/ TALBOT/ OXFORD, The Wars of The Roses, ESC, dir. Michael Bogdanov

CASCA, Julius Caesar, Bristol Old Vic, dir. Roger Rees

HIAWATHA, Hiawatha, NT & Newcastle Playhouse, dir. Michael Bogdanov

GOVERNOR, Caucasian Chalk Circle, NT, dir. Michael Bogdanov

BALTHAZAR, The Spanish Tragedy, NT, dir. Michael Bogdanov

THOMAS DIAFOIRUS, The Hypochondriac, NT, dir. Michael Bogdanov

BRAC, The Romans in Britain, NT, dir. Michael Bogdanov

KWASIND, Hiawatha, NT, dir. Michael Bogdanov

FRONTIER GUARD, Galileo, NT, dir. John Dexter

LOVER, Amadeus, NT, dir. Sir Peter Hall

BROKERS MAN, Mother Goose, Crewe Rep, dir. David Sumner

2ND SOLDIER, Othello, NT, dir. Sir Peter Hall

MURPHY, Sisterly Feelings, NT, dirs. Alan Ayckbourn & Christopher Morahan

BILLY, A Mad World My Masters, Crewe Rep, dir. Jack Carr

GEOFFREY, Absurd Person Singular, Manchester Library Theatre, dir. Howard Lloyd Lewis

JACK, Charley's Aunt, Crewe Rep, dir. Jack Carr

BENVOLIO, Romeo and Juliet, Crewe Rep, dir. David Sumner

BOBBY, The Boyfriend, Crewe Rep, dir. David Sumner

RICHARD, The Ghost Train, Crewe Rep, dir. Jack Carr

IRA OFFICER, The Hostage, Manchester Library Theatre, dir. David Scase

TOASTMASTER, The Ruling Class, Manchester Library Theatre, dir. David Tucker

PAUL, Barefoot in the Park, Manchester Library Theatre, dir. David Tucker

CROSBY, Destiny, Manchester Library Theatre, dir. David Scase

NUGGET, Equus, Manchester Library Theatre, dir. David Scase

HANS, Hans The Witch and the Gobbin, Manchester Library Theatre, dir. David Tucker

BROTHER, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Perth Theatre, Salisbury & Westcliff, dir. Chris Dunham

DIEGO, Royal Hunt of the Sun, Palace Westcliffe, dir. Chris Dunham

Television Credits


SAMUEL ROSWELL, Doctors, BBC, dir. David Richardson

PHILIP, Doctors, BBC, dir. Tracey Larcombe

MARCO PIERRE WHITE, The Impressions Show, BBC, dir. Angela De Chastelai Smith

PHIL, My Family, DLT Entertainment UK Ltd for BBC, dir. Nic Phillips

JUDGE WILKES, Personal Affairs, 2AMTV for BBC, dir. Ashley Way

PIERS HARVEY, Doctors, BBC, dir. David Whitney

GEORGE, Sinchronicity, Shine TV For BBC3 Television, dir. Philip John

ST. DOMINIC'S HEADTEACHER, The Complete Guide To Parenting, Talkback Thames Television, dir. Mandie Fletcher

MALCOLM FONTAYNE, Doctors, BBC Television, dir. Paul Gibson

VICAR, Footballers' Wives, dir. Richard Signy

SIR NICHOLAS WELLESLEY, Jericho, Granada Television, dir. Nick Renton

DAVID, Eastenders, BBC Television, dir. Sue Butterworth

KURT, High Stakes, London Weekend Television, dir. Dewi Humphreys

MAJOR MORRIS, Rules of Engagement, dir. Charles McDougal

DC SUTTON, The Paradise Club, BBC, dir. Richard Standeven

SPACKMAN, Dangerfield, BBC, dir. Jim Goddard

DC MITCHELL, Inspector Morse, dir. Peter Hammond

JEFF JOHNSON, London's Burning, LWT, dirs. Mike Vardy, John Reardon, Gerry Mill

CLARK, Shine on Harvey Moon, Central TV, dir. Baz Taylor

DYING SOLDIER, The Monocled Mutineer, BBC, dir. Jim O'Brien

DEFENCE COUSEL, Crown Court, Granada

KIND POLICEMAN, Fighting Back, BBC, dir. Paul Seed

THE THIEF, A Slight Breeze, TVS

Feature Films

MR BATHURST, A Feast at Midnight, dir. Justin Hardy

PC HOLT, Lost in London, dir. Rob Lewis

MAD POLICEMAN, Style Council's Jerusalem

MIKE APLIN, Dead on Time, dir. Stewart Edwards

SLAVETRADER, Hawk the Slayer, dir. Terry Marcel

Further Credits

HENRY V, Great British Commanders, Granada For Channel 5 Television, dir. Emma Hawley

CRICKETER, Hardy's Ident, VCCP


DAD, Santandar, Euro RSCG

BELARIUS + OTHERS, Cymbeline, RSC (workshop), dir. Melly Still